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Professional Certifications

Embark on your barbering journey at Empire Fadez Academy, where success is certified. Upon program completion, you’ll earn recognized certifications that speak volumes about the quality of your training. Aligned with industry standards, our curriculum enhances your employability, ensuring you stand out in the competitive market. Your Empire Fadez certification is not just a symbol; it’s your ticket to a distinguished and successful career.

Industry-Experienced Instructors 

Choose Empire Fadez Academy for an education led by industry veterans, not just instructors. Our seasoned professionals bring extensive experience from the barbering industry, guaranteeing you learn from the very best. The credentials of our instructors speak volumes about their expertise in various cutting techniques, styling trends, and client interactions. Empire Fadez means being mentored by the elite, setting the stage for a successful career in the dynamic world of barbering.

Hands-On Training

At Empire Fadez Academy, we go beyond theory to provide hands-on training in a real-world setting. Immerse yourself in our well-equipped facilities, surrounded by modern tools used in top-tier professional barber shops. We don’t just talk about hands-on training; we make it a core part of your learning experience. Picture yourself perfecting your skills in an environment that mirrors the challenges of the industry. Empire Fadez shapes confident, skilled professionals ready for the real barbering world.

Job Placement Assistance

Empire Fadez Academy is your launchpad into a fulfilling career. Beyond graduation, we offer job placement assistance, networking opportunities, and partnerships with local barber shops. Join the ranks of our successful graduates who not only enter the industry but thrive in it. Empire Fadez is not just a school; it’s your gateway to a prosperous career in the world of barbering.

Business and Entrepreneurship Training

Differentiate yourself at Empire Fadez Academy with modules on business management, marketing, and entrepreneurship within the barbering industry. We don’t just teach you to be a skilled barber; we empower you to become a successful business owner. Join Empire Fadez and transform not only your haircutting skills but also your entrepreneurial spirit. Your journey to success begins at Empire Fadez Academy—where skills and entrepreneurship seamlessly converge.